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Oh So Good, Coconut Crème Cake

 So I know this isn’t a typical post about healthy eating (organic options included). 

BUT Everything in moderation, right!?! 

Anyone who knows our family knows, that we know, that they know, that we know good desserts 🧁😛and for that wanted to share with you all this yummy scrumptious cake 🎂 I made.

Now once again, **disclaimer** I am not trying to be a cook 👩‍🍳 , so don’t come at me. 

I’m just doing my best 😉 I searched around for the easiest and quickest recipe as I didn’t want to be baking for hours and this is what I came up with. Try it out, tweak it, but most of all enjoy 😊 Also, I have included the ingredients needed to make this organic as well! 


1 cup water 💦 

3 eggs 🥚 

1 container coconut 🥥  cool whip

1 (7oz) package sweetened coconut flakes

Make cake batter as recipe calls (add 1/2 bag shredded coconut 🥥  flakes)

I used a Bundt pan, also greased with avocado 🥑 oil.


In a separate bowl 🥣 whisk together the condensed coconut 🥥 crème and 1/2 of remaining coconut 🌴 flakes.

Once the cake is finished let it cool. (I put it in the fridge cause we were being super impatient 🤣)

Take your choice of poker (I used a chopstick 🥢) and poke holes throughout the top 🔝 of the cake 🍰 

Pour mixture on the top and spread around to fill in holes. (Let cool again, and once again we chose to put that baby in the fridge to speed it up)


While waiting to cool 😎 place the remaining coconut flakes on a baking sheet at around 350, and toast them. (Watch out they can burn 🔥 fast) I spread them evenly and tossed them around a bit every couple of minutes.

After letting the cake cool, I removed the cake from the Bundt pan. 

I spread the newly toasted coconut 🥥 cool whip on top and sprinkled the remaining toasted flakes.

It was good! Jaze told me it was the best cake he’s ever had 😉 but he knows how to gas up his mother 🥰 and we def recommend waiting until the next day after being in the fridge overnight. Needless to say, it is gone today  🤤 and thankfully so, the weekend splurge over and back to healthy eating on Monday! 

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