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When Diddle was Little | Library | getAmazin kids

He-Man was a courageous little dog

with the biggest ❤️  I have ever seen. I had him since my high school days and that little guy went through A LOT of things right by my side. Many people choose to have animals be a part of what many realize becomes a family member. 

Often I am reminded of the maybe not so familiar saying ‘everyone’s dog is the best dog’, and none of them are wrong. 

Well, he, my friend was one of the best! When Jaze was little I often would write him little books 📚 📖 s about life’s journeys and if he had still had been little I would have read to him 🙂

So through the years, He-man was a staple in our family. I imagine that many others have these special little visitors to assist us through life. When he finally passed after what I hope to have been a long happy life. I had a different conversation with Jaze, as age has graced us both.  It was always important to me to present real-life events to children in age-appropriate ways. 

Check out his journey with our family below

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