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Health Talks | Mobility & Flexibility Guide_01MAY2024

Topics Covered 14 pgs



Mobility vs. Flexibility?

Flexibility doesn’t always equal Pain Free?

  • Upper Body _Neck & Back
    • Shoulders and Arms
  • Lower Body_ Back
    • Hips
    • Knees & Ankles


Understanding Carbohydrates

-diving deeper into our main source of energy from food

Ways to Maintain Healthy Eating Discipline

-tools and tips to eat well to build long lasting health habits


Organizing your Mind

- Does Your Mind Wander? How much of your time is spent in “Default Mode”

Focusing Attention

-So what is Focusing attention and what does it do?

Mastering Self Discipline

-How do we have more self-discipline?

Health Talks | Mobility & Flexibility Guide

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