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Walking Through: Ways to Wellness | The Course

GetAmazin.Info | Health Talks | The Book Series | Ways to Wellness

10 Chapters | 36 topics

Table of Contents


What the Fast? | Chapter  01


The Health Benefits of Fasting,

The Key Benefits of Fasting from Scientific Studies,

10 Steps to Starting a Fast,

Common Fasting Methods, and

The History and Significance of Fasting in Religion


Common Locations of Inflammation_ Graphic Video pg. 14

Meal Prep_  Graphic Video pg. 24

Weekly Meal Planner_Worksheet pg. 25

Water Tracker_Worksheet pg. 29



Finding your zone. | Chapter 02


10 Practical Tips and Techniques for Achieving Optimal Performance in Different Domains,

Ways to Optimize your Nutrition,

Simple Tips to Optimize Mental Health,

5 Steps to Guide Ways to Optimal Wellness


Exercise_Graphic Video pg. 39

Smart Goals_Graphic pg. 42

Yearly Goals_Worksheet pg. 43

Visualize Success_Worksheet pg. 45

Self Reflection_Worksheet pg. 47

Whole Foods_Graphic Video pg. 49

Building a Plate_Graphic pg. 51

Shopping List_Worksheet pg. 54-57

Finding your Balance_Worksheet pg. 59

Breath work Practice_Worksheet pg.62


Picture Perfect | Chapter 03



Health Inadequacies, and

Empowering Individualism with Care


Soap Notes Assessment_Worksheet pg. 73-77


Hydration, Caloric Intake & Activity Levels | Chapter 04


The Key Elements of Hydration,

Finding the Right Caloric Intake for Physical Activity,

Signs of Not Having Adequate Caloric Intake for Activity,

Hydration Levels and Impact on Muscle Functions


Elements of Hydration_Graphic pg. 82

Hydration Influencing Factors_Graphic pg. 84

Biometric Factors_Graphic pg. 90

Knowing your Body’s Levels_Graphic pg. 93

Motivators vs. De-motivators_Worksheet pg. 94


Plants, Animals, and the Environment, Oh My. | Chapter 05


Nutritional Contents concerning Agricultural Changes,

The Downside of Excess Pesticide Usage and the Impact on Nutritional Content,

Benefits of Organic Practice in Agriculture,

Regenerative Agriculture Practices and the Improvement of the Nutritional Content of Produce,

Regenerative agriculture is an approach to farming


Learning Benefits of Fruits and Veggies_Worksheet pg. 101

Build your Plate_ Graphic pg. 103

Picking your Proteins_Worksheet pg. 105

Picking your Carbohydrates_Worksheet pg. 106

Picking your Healthy Fats_Worksheet pg. 106

Nutrient Affected_Graphic pg.109

Omega 3 Fatty Acids_Graphic pg. 111

Sources of Beta Carotene_Graphic pg. 118

Soil Depth_Graphic pg.121

Soil, Plant, Animal, and Human Microbiomes pg. 123

Soil Microbiome Influence pg. 124

Soil Microbial Contributions


How to Breathe? | Chapter 06


The Importance of Breath Work

Ways Breath Works Helps Improve Cardiovascular Health

Easy Ways to Begin Breath Work


Stress Evaluation_Worksheet pg. 131

Breathing Practice_Exercise pg.133

Breathing Practice_ Exercise pg. 135

Nervous System_Graphic pg. 137

Blood Pressure_Graphic pg. 139

Atherosclerosis_Graphic pg. 141

Improved Oxygenation_ Graphic Video pg. 143

Breathing Practice_Exercise pg. 145

Breathing Practice_Exercise pg. 147


Family Relationships with Food | Chapter 07


Ways to Create Healthy Habits with Food

How to Create Healthy Eating Habits for Children

How to Make Eating Healthy Food Fun for Children


Fillable Kids Menu_Worksheet pg. 155

Processed Foods_Worksheet pg. 157

Nutrition Facts_Graphic pg.159

Knowing your Fruits and Vegetables_Graphic pg. 161

Kids in the Kitchen _Graphic pg. 163

What are Processed Foods_Worksheet pg. 165

Essential Nutrition Elements pg. 167

Nutrition Sorting Activity_Worksheet pg. 169-170

Kids Chore Chart_Worksheet pg. 172


Work Out, Be Happy? | Chapter 08


Exercise and Positive Effects on Mood and Mental Wellbeing

Creating Healthy Workout Habits

Easy Exercises that You Can Do Every Day

Creating Healthy Workout Habits


Physical Activity Assessment_Worksheet pg. 177-178

Weekly Habits Tracker_Worksheet pg. 179

Monthly Habits Tracker_Worksheet pg. 181

Daily Planner by Hour_Worksheet pg. 185

Daily Planner Summary_Worksheet pg. 186

Monthly Planner by Week_Worksheet pg. 188

Fitness and Health Journal_ Worksheet pg. 190

Fitness and Health Journal Meals Tracker_ Worksheet pg. 192

Walking Stats_Graphic pg. 194

Exercises for Everyday_Graphic Video pg. 200


Journey to Center | Chapter 09


The "Four Stress Domino Effect"

Evidence-Based Ways to Decrease Stress

Common Signs and Symptoms  of Stress


How are you feeling Chart_Graphic pg. 202

Types of Stress_Worksheet pg. 204

Stress Graphic_Worksheet pg. 206

Lifestyle Stressors_Graphic pg.208

Decrease Stress_Graphic pg. 210

Social Support Groups_Worksheet pg. 212

Creating Healthy Habits_Worksheet pg. 214

Physical Symptoms of Stress_Graphic pg. 216

Emotional Symptoms of Stress_Graphic pg. 218

Cognitive Symptoms of Stress_Graphic pg. 220


Every Body Eats | Chapter 10


Nutritious Food Sources for Overall Health

Vitamins that are Essential for Human Health

Omega-3 fatty acids


Family Food Traditions_Worksheet pg. 227

Vegetable Eating Habits_Worksheet pg. 229

Fruit Eating Habits_Worksheet pg. 231

Dairy Eating Habits_Worksheet pg. 233

Vitamin A_Graphic pg. 235

Vitamin C_Graphic pg. 236

Vitamin D_Graphic pg. 238

Vitamin E_Graphic pg. 239

Vitamin B12_Graphic pg. 241

Heart Health Foods_Graphic pg. 243

Brain Health Foods_Graphic pg. 244

Eye Health Foods_Graphic pg. 245

Inflammation Points_Graphic pg. 247


Walking Through: Ways to Wellness | The Course

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