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Uriia Underhill, MPH


Health Scientist

Focuses: Nutrition; Disease Prevention, Intervention, and Regeneration homeostasis of humans, plants, animals and respective environment, as well as earth holistically.


Nutrition-Physical Fitness- Wellness- Health Science


Education in these areas are so important because your health involves everything you do everyday.


People should have the opportunity to learn about how to receive the most out of their bodies. I believe in delivering health and wellness promotion to entire families.

In doing so, I feel it gives the family an opportunity to learn about how to feed, work and have fun, all in ways that benefit their personal wellness. To me, everyone deserves his or her best chance.

Your body has a specific science in which nutrition is formulated to feed your needs. She takes a deeper look into the "foods" you eat and helps you learn to turn them into the "fuel" you need for your body to run optimally.


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