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Final Blog

  Looking back at my unit 3 I would say that maybe my assessment wasn't scored as well as it should of been

Physical well being- 5

Spiritual Well-being- 5

Psychological- 6

I feel that my psychological has increased because now I know exercises to increase my mind and how improve how it works. I feel that my physical well being isnt where it should be because of my current energy level. I know that normally I score a lot higher on the physical side. Spiritual has stayed pretty much the same, and I feel it is still pretty good.

I feel that I have made strides in all areas, however I know I can continue to do better. I will continue to work on all aspects and improve on the skills I already have.

I feel this class has really helped me hone into skills that will really enhance my life, families as well as the people I will come in contact with in the future. I think the psychological has been the hardest for me because it is the most in depth and more extreme, I di feel that this will be the most beneficial for me to practice and learn.

Unit 3

Physical Well-being- 6 Spiritual Well-being- 5 Psychological Well-being- 5 Before this class I thought about many of the approaches and principles we have talked about but not to the extend of being conscience of them (if that makes sense), but now that I am aware of the different aspects of each of the steps toward integral health I feel that I can work more on each part and have a greater understanding and connection with each one. Knowing and being aware of each aspect will help me continuously work on each part to create a greater wellness not only for myself but to teach others as well as help my family.  My goal will be to visit each aspect and have a person-centered approach on how to improve each in my day to day life.

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