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Final Project

Unit 9

Health and Wellness Assessment

Uriia Underhill

Kaplan University


Dr. Watson

August 5, 2013

It is important for health and wellness professionals to have good understanding of many dimensions in order to properly talk to and diagnose what could be wrong with patients. When some one who works in the health and wellness field can relate to people who need help on many different levels the person in need can benefit from a care that will help them develop as a person while healing. Psychologically the health and wellness professional must be able to know certain triggers that could be causing a person pain. It will benefit the patient if the health care professional can spot these small issues and bring them to the attention of the patient in order to begin a healing process. Sometimes small mental situations can be overlooked and thus hinders the growth of healing powers. Spiritually the healthcare professional must relate to how each patient feels this helps a person connect and also promotes growth. If one is not comfortable with the spiritual feelings of their health care provider then it could stop the person physical growth. Physically the health care provider must have at least some understanding of what it takes to be healthy physically. This ensures that when the provider gives information the patient is comfortable knowing that this is something that has been completed by the person giving the information. It is important for me as a health and wellness person to constantly grow and learning all these areas. Once my growth stops then I feel I put up a barrier between me and who I’m trying to help because at that point I’m un able to connect and relate to them as well as I possibly could. I feel that I can improve in all areas involving spiritually, physically, and psychologically because I will never fully know all of any of these subjects. In these areas I will continue to expand my knowledge to complete my goals.

This course has helped me in many ways. Even though I had a good understanding of where my weaknesses were I have been able to pinpoint the problems even further and have also been given good tools that can help me further my development. I feel that I have a good grasp on spirituality, however it can always be deeper and benefit more aspects of my life. I can also develop more so that I can use these skills to touch more aspects of my family’s life. Physically I know I can use much improvement. Before the start of this new journey I was very active, however given my current energy level I have not been able to participate in physical activity as much as I would like. I know this has affected my life in more ways than one. Not being active not only makes your body lose gains but also hinders your mind. I have noticed that even though I have participated in meditations and calming techniques my mind is still not as at peace as it is when I am able to work it out. I have been able to begin small physical activities again and I value their importance. Psychologically I think I have made great strides in learning how to focus my energy in positive ways and to learn ways to expand my mind. Meditation has helped me hone in on things that where once big stressors. Once I determined what they were I could work on not letting them have such a hold on me and help lessen my negative reaction to them. Overall I believe I have made great strides in becoming a better, healthier more wholesome person but I feel there is still great work to be done.

Physically I would like to not over do it but at least get to where I am completing some type of physical activity everyday. I have seen a lot of women complete and continue CrossFit while pregnant but given the issues I had with pre-term labor the first time it was thought that I didn’t need to over work and strain myself too much. I have gladly accepted a little off time however now I’m staring to go a little stir crazy and need some sort of physical activity once again. Now that my sickness and energy level has some what increased I will slowly add more of these elements back in. Psychological is really where I feel I need the most work, as it is truly the deepest part of oneself. although I don’t feel I am in need of desperate attention I feel there is so much to learn about my inner self and because this inner self always changes I will continue to work on having a very close and meaningful relationship with it. I want to look inward for more instead of searching for the answer on the outside so much. Spiritually I feel I need the least work however so much can always be learned. I plan to have a calmer more peaceful relationship in all these aspects.

Psychologically I want to continue to work on the loving-kindness and the subtle mind practices. I feel these are two exercises I can really benefit from because being able to let in love and kindness is such a positive experience and I feel it is something the world is seeing less and less of. I also feel that the subtle mind is such a powerful thing because to be able to silence your mind and explore deep inside it is a meaningful experience not many get to witness. I want to be able to do both with ease and to be able to use it at any given opportunity I have. I also want to be able to explain these practices to others to help them explore this deep and meaningful relationship with themselves. Physically being able to have these connection with my mind will also benefit my body and I feel my training. Knowing that I can silence my mind and take it to an out of body place allows me to push further and work harder in my physical body. This is something I find so intriguing about integral health is that by using two practices that are meant on a psychological level are actually beneficial to physically and spiritual health. Using loving-kindness and the subtle mind truly develops all three of my mind-body connections and links them all together. I love feeling that my whole self is one.

By knowing the things I need to continue to work on I can track my progress. I will look at the time before I start my meditations and mentally exercises. I will keep track of how long I can stay in a peaceful state of mind. This can be done doing my physical activity too. I will use the mental strength I gain in all aspects of my life and work hard to combine them together as I continue to grow in to mind/body/spiritual wholeness. I will write down goals of what I hope to achieve in the time to come and I will work hard to complete it. In the next six months I would really like to be able to stay in a mental calmness for thirty minutes. It may take longer than 6 months but this is something I want to continue to work on until I can achieve it.


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