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We are Human | Enlighten

We all do things wrong. We all kill each other. We all sin!!! We all know right from wrong. We are all given the right make our own decisions.

Don’t let people group you with people who do wrong.

You are not them!

You are in charge of your character!!

We aren’t in their shoes, we do not know.

We all want protection.  We all want to be safe. Are you going to stand up?

Are you going to be accountable for your character?

Do you promise not to break the law and do things that would put you in prison?

Don’t stir up trouble.

Don’t believe everything you see on the Internet.

You aren’t meant to know the whole truth for a reason.

People die everyday, some for the wrong reasons.

Some before we think it’s their time. Mistakes are made.

Stand together.

Know right from wrong and damn it just love each other and protect our home.

After all, we are all just HUMAN.

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