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3 simple steps to sugar reset | Nourish

Updated: Jun 6

Sugar Reset

It is no surprise that in a time when diabetes and disease run rampant sugar consumption is at an all-time high.

Disease thrives on sugar. It creates an unhealthy environment within the body and throws your entire system into a state of chaos. The funny thing is, that sugar has effects on your body like a drug.

SUGAR is widely overprescribed through ads and added to most products available in your grocery store.

So what do you do to rid your body of this new legal high?

Realize that packaged foods are fueling part of the problem.

They all most likely have pesky hidden ingredients with fancy names.


  1. Sucrose

  2. Maltose

  3. Dextrose

  4. Fructose

  5. Glucose

  6. Galactose

  7. Lactose

  8. High fructose corn syrup

  9. Glucose solids

  10. Cane juice

  11. Dehydrated cane juice

  12. Cane juice solids

  13. Cane juice crystals

  14. Molasses

  15. Honey

  16. Dextrin

  17. Maltodextrin

  18. Dextran

  19. Barley malt

  20. Beet sugar

  21. Corn syrup

  22. Corn syrup solids

  23. Caramel

  24. Buttered syrup

  25. Carob syrup

  26. Brown sugar

  27. Date sugar

  28. Malt syrup

  29. Diatase

  30. Diatastic malt

  31. Fruit juice

  32. Fruit juice concentrate

  33. Dehydrated fruit juice

  34. Fruit juice crystals

  35. Golden syrup

  36. Turbinado

  37. Raw sugar

  38. Sorghum syrup

  39. Refiner’s syrup

  40. Ethyl maltol

  41. Maple syrup

  42. Yellow sugar

 Sugar Reset

WEEK ONE Limit consumption of all packaged foods

WEEK TWO Limit consumption of fruits

WEEK THREE Slowly add ONE (healthy) sugar

WEEK FOUR & WEEK FIVE Add ONE Sugar = only 2-3 tablespoons of (healthy)sugar a week.

This includes fruits. One piece = ONE (healthy)sugar

What is a “healthy” sugar? Unheated, Raw Honey Coconut Sugar

Truthfully there is no healthy option, other than fruits(but you can still eat too much). Overconsumption of carbohydrates equals excess sugar in our bodies, however, a healthy limit is needed. Our bodies are made to break down carbohydrates as our sugar. This is meant for energy.  Some carbohydrates break down quicker than others, these are the ones we want to “LIMIT”.

For More Information on Excess Simple Carbohydrates and How to Limit -with Custom Meal Plans Available 

This reset will encourage the removal of build-up within the body. Eliminating sugar can help decrease muscle recovery time and increase mental alertness and energy levels. It also encourages the stabilization of blood sugar.

Once a week I make a treat…

 This week for us I used Organic Raw Cacao powder, Raw Honey, Coconut Oil & Walnuts and made Chocolate Walnut Bites

 As Always I am available for live sessions in Nutrition and Wellness Counseling Physical Fitness Training

Live well, my friends! Uriia


Some more NO SUGAR resources

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