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Do I even need to write anymore? Such a touchy subject around the world however nearly every one of us have been a part of a life touched by this horrible public health epidemic.

Truthfully, this post has been sitting in my research folder for too long, inside my brain screaming to get out.

In the hallway walking, I was discussing a case of little girl we know with my husband. Another Cancer update. We talked about it. The choices we would make going back, things we would have tried different. Knowing the things we know now. The feeling of empty, horrible loss.

He looks at me and says, “I wish you would write about Cancer.” Shocked, I think I probably just stared at him for a minute. No, they don’t want to understand..

I’ve met a lot of amazing people while working with the health department. Educating mothers and children under the age of 5 about healthy eating habits and the benefits these things have to their bodies..

Memories, and moments that literally took my breath away. In such a short time to be touched so much and by so many people cannot even begin to be described in words.

One family. Stops me in my tracks every time. Little girl G, comes in with her grandfather and sits in my office.

We start to talk and almost immediately he says to me “Their mother died of Cancer.” The little girl’s face went blank. She made eye contact with me and then gave me a smile. A smile I know all too well. The smile of “this is trained”, I’m fighting through my pain to show you that I’m alright kind of smile.

The little girl was classified as overweight. The grandfather states that of course this has been going on since the loss of her mother, we discussed healthy eating options and the importance of it. The session finishes and the grandfather asks me to walk out to the front office. I happily do, there in the waiting room are G’s 5 brothers and sisters. The grandfather states who I am and they stand up and all walk over to me. One by one, they extend their hand and introduce themselves to me. My heart fell to the floor. I said hello and gave them my love and walked back to my desk. I sat there. I cried there. For them. For their mother, for all the things they will never get to experience with together.

And I thought, if she could go back do you think she would try everything she could to be here today?

But then to think that many families have limit to the foods and things they need to be able to thrive nutritionally, physically, and spirtually. How are we able to help them provide the support they need to their families. To our families and to our communities throughout the world?

This is a tall order. Won’t you join me on this quest? One tiny step at a time, we can make a difference.

So on to the point of this post. I follow a lot of families. I love watching children grow up. They truly are a great blessing to this world, potential to change the world.

Many of these families have children with cancer. I see some parents post with rage about how upset they are that people try to tell them to eat organic, or take supplements, try this and that. I understand their frustrations, trust me I do.

I am not a pediatric oncologist. I am not a doctor or physician, and although these people are there to help save lives, they are not the end all be all. They certainly do not have all the answer, nor should we put that burden on them. They want us to take a part in the healing of our bodies, in creating a healthy, healing environment.

That is why Doctors all recommend “a healthy diet and exercise.”

but that being said, I am a mother. A wife. A person who has spent years researching the benefits of nutrition. About disease outbreaks, and prevention methods and control methods. I am a mother to a child who is gone from this earth. Away from his family. No, it wasn’t from cancer but his life was ONLY hospital, only tests, medicines and sticks. Knowing what I know now, if I could go back and just have a voice. If I could of at least talked to the Doctors about the things I know or thought, instead of being scared to speak up. Scared to try “unconventional methods.”

At the point, when you’ve been given a death sentence, “you really need to have HOPE.”

When it comes down to it disease happens within our bodies when our system gets out of whack.

This it typically because of one of three things or a combination of them; Environment, Lifestyle, Genetics. Disease cannot thrive in a BALANCED environment.

While we never really know who is going to come down with a condition or disease, it is well known that if your body is malnourished you are more likely to get “something”.

Yes, every body is different. Every cancer is different. Every disease is different. The one thing that is the same is your body grows, thrives, and heals from quality nutrition.

Vitamins and Minerals make all the difference in helping to create a healthy system.

No, ifs, ands, or butts, about it.

You owe it to yourself and your family to give it a try. Hell, after seeing what these kids are going through freaking drinking tons of vegetables is the best alternative.

Research it for yourself, or reach out to someone who knows about it.

I am always here, my line and heart always open. We can make a difference. One tiny step at a time.

After all, in this battle we are already losing.

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