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Childhood Obesity? Is it out of our hands? | Enlighten

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Removing Sugary Drinks from Schools

Nearly one-third or 78.6 million of U.S. adults are now obese (CDC, 2015).

Approximately 12.7 million of U.S children are also falling into obesity categories (CDC, 2015).

It is no surprise that simple measures need to be taken to ensure that overconsumption of some things may need to be managed.

Of course, this would be a touchy subject to any American. It is somewhat part of our “freedom” to choose what is right for us. 

That may have been the case until, the nation's obesity rates continued to increase, causing the annual medical cost of obesity in the U.S. in 2008 to be 147 billion dollars (CDC, 2015).

Now, a major movement is to target the younger generations to help increase healthy weight limits among U.S. children populations. 

Some small steps would be to try and enforce stronger tactics where children are concerned.

  1. Removing Sugary Drinks from Schools

  2.  Limiting Sugary Food Exposure 

  3.  Also Increasing Positive Healthy Eating Education

Although this may seem like a burden among parents it does seem to address the larger problem at hand.

Children are more overweight, obese, and unhealthy than previous generations while their access to sugary drinks and foods has been at an all-time high.

In order, to help the mass population it is taken out of the parent’s hands and placed within the school systems policies in order to protect the health of those involved. In this case, if parents want their children to have access to those types of foods then it is done at their discretion. This can also help school officials and governmental agencies in some states where they have fought against parents of obese children as a form of child abuse.

What do you guys think? 

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